April/May 2011 Forecast: LIVES. DIES. RISES. REIGNS

 We come from a long line of announcers, telling and retelling the story of a God in search of humankind. As far back as the Garden of Eden, God has come looking for us. In this version of hide and seek, inevitably God is always ‘it’ because we are always hiding something, if not ourselves.

At the end of the creation story, brothers murder. But in the good news of God’s great search, brothers and sisters are called to die for each other. By example, Jesus leads the way. Taking all evils upon himself, he made sure peace was restored. In this victory, arms were not taken up, instead, they were pinned back. No flowers or teddy bears were needed at the foot of this cross. This was not a divine suicide or even murder, but robust acts of responsibility and freedom.

God did not become like us – he became one of us! – to ultimately find us, and bring us home.

Thursday night dinners and Saturday morning breakfasts would never be the same again. The rooster crows a painful reminder, a kiss betrays, grave robbers are wrongly accused, doubters doubt, and someone loses an ear only to get it back before he even realizes what has happened.

And as this story continues to be re-told and repeated, Jesus continues to roll away stones so that people can come out of their graves.





Over the next nine weeks we will locate ourselves in this divine drama as real life characters in the renewal of all things.

"You can’t lead people if you don’t love people. You can’t save people if you won’t serve people." (Dr. Cornel West)