We’re taught and advised to depend on things that are ultimately undependable. Warnings, warranties and fine print clearly outline where contracts are voided and where loyalties end. Its the world we live in: Promises are disposable and people replaceable. In self defense against this dysfunction, we suck it in and hold back. We pretend this … Continued


Advent is a season of expectation, a season of retuning the engines of our souls. It is a season of active waiting, an anticipation of things promised and things fulfilled. Here we find the Peace that puts the pieces back together. Disarmed, we adore as crib and cross meet, unpacking the restoration of creature and … Continued

The Campaign for Real Humanity Forecast

As is customary for our community, each September we take the time to collect ourselves as we venture into a new season. This month we return to the values by which we govern our participation in God’s mission:   Rooted: That God’s story (the alternative story to the empire that we find ourselves in) takes root … Continued

Summer 2010 Forecast

This summer we’ll be neck deep in Jesus’ sermon on the mount, and more specifically, the Beatitudes found in Matthew 5:3-10. Unfortunately the Beatitudes have often been seen as lofty ideals or necessary Christian discomforts. Instead, we ought to accept them as gifts that are vital components of God’s community and kingdom. These are street … Continued

Neighbours Round-Up

Job is not an easy book to study.  It doesn’t give us answers.  It doesn’t give Job a nswers.  God ends the book by pointing at creation, not by explaining his way through all his questions.  Our relationship with God can’t be dictated by the answers we get to our questions.  The questions aren’t bad, … Continued

Neighbours Forecast

This month’s series is about discovering our neighbours, and recognizing who else is on our street.  Normally we see the world split up into 6 billion different streets, each marked appropriately: Right and wrong; right and left; Christian and unbeliever; heterosexual and homosexual; leader and follower; wicked and righteous. But what if instead of separating … Continued

Soundtracks Roundup

The central issue for the local church around the topic and ideas connected to same sex relationships and activity is not “What are we going to do about homosexuality?” but “How must we treat and engage people regardless of sexuality, disagreement, offence or hurt?” On our shift as the local church, we must make intentional … Continued


This past month has been a stretch for many of us. Entertaining doubt and hard questions, holding historic faith and present day culture in tension, giving the floor to a full blown atheist for 45 minutes…it’s been a lot to manage. But where else could, or should conversations like this happen? If the church can’t … Continued

FORECAST APRIL 2010 – Soundtracks

We’ve all got a Soundtrack tied to our existence. Over and over the sounds of preference, understanding and desire play out in our heads and in our actions. Often, we’re happy to express and share in each other’s Soundtracks…until, that is, someone else’s song selection full out clashes with ours. At that point, things get … Continued