ATIC, Potluck & Kids and some other stuff…

This week we touched on some important subjects at theStory in regards to Potluck and the Children. We are trying to come to grips of what these things mean for our community and what we should do to help them grow in a healthy way with our community. So we decided that everyone would be participating in the potluck. This means that there are two people a week that are responsible for the main dish and then everyone else that week is responsible for bringing something else (from a bag of chips to dessert to a jug of juice.)

We also talked about the children and the role they play in the community and how we need to help them grow but also give them an opportunity to help us grow. After all Jesus did say that unless we are like them we will never inherit the kingdom of God. So we are hoping that everyone is going to sign up to work with kids. One person a week will be responsible for organizing and one other person a week will be there to support. Whoever is responsible for a week in a month will come to a monthly meeting to brainstorm and talk about the children. We are hoping these meetings will start to give us some consistency and creativity in how the children are with us on Sundays.

We also unveiled a new initiative called ATIC (all things in common) where people can post things they own or services they can offer to an online database to share with anyone else in the community. This will help us start combating the ideals of consumerism in our culture along with helping us build a stronger community. Check out the ATIC link above for more details.

If you want to sign up for music, contact Darryl.
Or you can click here to see our budget online.