The Values Experiment- The Results Are In!

Good news! Our fantastic intern has finally gotten around to tallying the results from last Friday’s Values Experiment! Thanks again to everyone who came out and participated. People of Sarnia, we are thrilled to present you with… your average price. ——————————————————– What would you pay to… (in order of highest to lowest value) Question: What … Continued

First Friday March 2010 – The Values Experiment: Everyone has a price.

It’s been said that everyone has a price. Great or small, this ‘price’ inherently slots us in categories, reveals our biases and ultimately exposes our values. For example, this Harvard lecture (video below) details the story of when automaker Ford is faced with the realization that it would be cost effective to pay off settlements … Continued

March 2010 Forecast – (GODISNOWHERE)

  Recently there has been a resurgence in popular media in what some call ‘The God Debate’. Most thinking falls into one of two categories: Either ‘God Is Now Here’ or ‘God Is Nowhere’. In Acts 17, the Apostle Paul is wading through the same waters and its from there that we’ll be taking our … Continued

Handles Feb 2010 Roundup

If Scripture is a means of God’s self revelation, then understanding it (on its terms and not ours) is of primary importance. Grabbing it by the right handle (literal parts as literal, figurative as figurative, historical as historical etc.) not only bring life to the reader, but also protects the text from saying, and humanity … Continued


Jeremiah 29:4-14 tells an old story that intersects with our present day story. Israel’s elite were in exile, God’s divine relocation program. We too can find ourselves in places of physical, emotional or spiritual exile. Dislocated from where we feel at home, removed (sometimes by choice, other times by force) from where we really want … Continued


From whisper to print then back to whisper.  Living and life giving, the Scriptures are a collection of images, a series of revealing finger prints that tell of the Divine Mystery. But this isn’t the kind of mystery that is to be solved, instead, it’s a mystery that permeates all, revealing and inviting humanity into … Continued

Interview with Joe

Joe was interview for a series that Royal View Church is doing in London.  

January Forecast: “Dis-Located”

Wrong place at the wrong time. It’s unavoidable, but most if not all, of us have been there at one time or another. Feelings of powerlessness, second-guessing and ‘what if’s’ dominate our minds as we cobble together a method of escape. Things are out of place. We’ve been Dis-Located, and it hurts. Israel knew this … Continued

“Expecting” Forecast

When the teenage girl missed her period, all the world could do was wait. Advent is the season of active waiting for Christ’s arrival. We intentionally relive and remind ourselves so as to not forget. We bare ourselves to the good news of the coming arrival permitting it re-order our lives and communities. While there … Continued