After meticulously putting all things in their proper place in Genesis 1&2, the wheels fall off in Genesis 3 as things fall out of order.

God set boundaries in place with humankind’s best interests in mind. However, in Adam and Eve fashion, we too seek autonomy from God and his terms plus we’ve got an independent streak in us that asserts that we can make it on our own. Left to fester, this autonomy and independence grows into a self focused and self pleasing fiasco. And it’s here that we find the beginnings of sin.

Yet despite it all, Genesis 3 paints a picture of a God who deeply cares for his creation – and where death is warranted, He insists on life.

Some helpful words from last week…

“Our concern is not finally the origin of evil, the appearance of death or the power of the fall…it is rather the summons of this calling of God for us to be his creatures to live in his world on his terms.” (Walter Bruggemann)

“Even when sin is familiar, it’s never normal.” (Platinga)

“Man’s sin is in his failure to live what he is. Being the master of the earth, man forgets that he is the servant of God.”
(Abraham Joshua Heschel)