National Insecurity

Fear drives us to do unthinkable things. We fear getting sick, losing our life, our children being hurt and our plans falling apart. This kind of fear comes with being vulnerable to outside forces and not having control over our destiny. Another kind of fear comes from losing what we already have, especially power and … Continued

These Are A Few of Our Favourite Things

Shortly after the Good Friday/Resurrection weekend, those who’ve taken up responsibility to teach on Sundays at theStory met to talk about what was next. We began with these three questions: 1. What’s on your mind and heart?; 2. What does our church need to hear?; 3. How do we continue to be a Rooted, Tabled … Continued

Membership In Each Other

The world is ripe for a change of scenery. Not a weekend get-away or week long bender, but more of a permanent hiatus. A lock the door and throw away the key scenario where none of us go back to the way we once were. And when the separation anxiety kicks in, the pining for … Continued

Here Would You Like To Hold Him?

It’s the story of Divine Receivership. For the goody two shoes and the good for nothings, it’s an invite from the Good Lord to come out of hiding that He may might be addressed within us. Inhabiting praises and eternity itself—and now!—He chooses to also cohabitate amongst us. Occupying the womb of a young girl … Continued

Results May Vary

Entire industries are built on the premise of guarantees. Companies and organizations live and die by the sword of customer satisfaction, putting their reputation on the line with each transaction. This assurance has spread into other parts of our existence and has since evolved into the nasty little habit of entitlement, where we only commit … Continued

Family Tree: A Series on Acts

God’s family is unified not by blood line, but by blood shed. Through Jesus, the deepest roots and highest shoots of our family tree are found in the resurrection He proofed and provides. Broken branches and severed limbs included, ours is a story of origins and destiny, where we’ve come from, and who we are becoming. Time and space are transcended … Continued

Summer 2011 Forecast: Pirate Radio

   Unlicensed and unsanctioned, illegal transmissions fuel the fires of change. From the dimly lit basement studio, to the corner soapbox, to the tsunami of social media, truth will always find its audience. Crisscrossing beyond physical and personal boundaries, the signals of revolution and responsibility outlive their original audience as they continue to bounce between the … Continued

April/May 2011 Forecast: LIVES. DIES. RISES. REIGNS

 We come from a long line of announcers, telling and retelling the story of a God in search of humankind. As far back as the Garden of Eden, God has come looking for us. In this version of hide and seek, inevitably God is always ‘it’ because we are always hiding something, if not ourselves. … Continued

Ecumenical Lenten Gatherings for Lambton County

One day we met some Anglican pastors in Sarnia.  We realized that we had a lot to learn from them and they said te same about us.  So we thought we would organize something together and invite you to it.  Try to make it out to at least one of them if you can.