Advent is a season of expectation, a season of retuning the engines of our souls. It is a season of active waiting, an anticipation of things promised and things fulfilled. Here we find the Peace that puts the pieces back together. Disarmed, we adore as crib and cross meet, unpacking the restoration of creature and creation.

Over the next month, we’ll hold closely to this story of a teen mom and unsuspecting step-dad. We’ll connect the dots labeled prophecies, dreams, apparitions, great escapes and infant massacres. Steeped in hope, we’ll trace the footwork of a God taking the most radical steps possible to turn the Light back on.

Jesus came as a child – may we approach him in the same way in this season of Advent.

“Ordained before the beginning of time when the Father whispered something to the Spirit and then they both stared knowingly at the Son, who happily drew the short straw.”
(Alain Doseger)


December 2010 Calendar
December 5 – “Announced”
December 12 – “Anticipated”
December 19 – “Arrived” (Christmas Gathering!)
December 26 – No Gathering. Rest. Eat leftovers.

*Keep an ear to the ground this month for other impromptu get-togethers such as house parties, family skating and pond hockey…