Family Tree: A Series on Acts

God’s family is unified not by blood line, but by blood shed. Through Jesus, the deepest roots and highest shoots of our family tree are found in the resurrection He proofed and provides. Broken branches and severed limbs included, ours is a story of origins and destiny, where we’ve come from, and who we are becoming. Time and space are transcended as we stand alongside those who’ve come before and those who will come soon after. We are sons and daughters of the Father’s revolution.

It’s in the book of Acts where we first trace God’s family, the church, pulling together. In continuation of the work that Jesus himself had entrusted them with, we observe a great reversal. Under the power of the Holy Spirit, people once well adjusted to injustice and well adapted to indifference began to re-ordered their lives. Fear fell out of power and grace took its place. The good news of the revolution had gone viral and it became clear that God was making good on His promises.

Over the coming months, we will unpack the story of Acts and allow it to shape what it means for us to continue in the way of Jesus, and invite others into the family.