First Friday March 2010 – The Values Experiment: Everyone has a price.

It’s been said that everyone has a price. Great or small, this ‘price’ inherently slots us in categories, reveals our biases and ultimately exposes our values. For example, this Harvard lecture (video below) details the story of when automaker Ford is faced with the realization that it would be cost effective to pay off settlements to the injured or the families of fatally wounded customers than to recall defective automobiles.  It sounds creepy, but we all make similar choices on a daily basis.

What would you do?

What’s a life worth?

What’s the price tag on morality, pleasure and general welfare?

What’s your price?

We’re turning this dilemma into a First Friday installation that will take place on Friday, March 5 outside of theStory from 7-9pm. Below you’ll find the questions that we’ll be asking via anonymous means. There will be a live DJ, food, and probing creativity…all for ‘free’…

Tallied results will be posted on this site by Sunday, March 7, 2010.

See you on Friday.