FORECAST APRIL 2010 – Soundtracks


We’ve all got a Soundtrack tied to our existence. Over and over the sounds of preference, understanding and desire play out in our heads and in our actions. Often, we’re happy to express and share in each other’s Soundtracks…until, that is, someone else’s song selection full out clashes with ours. At that point, things get awkward and the music either goes mute or gets cranked to 11.

This month, we want to explore the part of our Soundtracks linked to sexuality and relationships. In an era of shifting sexual identity, how must the church move beyond fear, prejudice and stereotypes and towards hope, clarity and genuine love? Is it possible to remain Biblically sound while being culturally sensitive?

Choosing to ignore the different sounds won’t make them go away, so perhaps then our best option as followers of Jesus is to listen well. Maybe then we’ll be able to live well also.

“The truth about ‘us’ and ‘them’ is that there is no ‘them’ – There is only ‘us’. We are all beautiful and precious people, infinitely valued by God. We are also all sexually broken people to one degree or another, needing the healing of authentic community to live as Jesus calls us to live.” (Bruxy Cavey)