From whisper to print then back to whisper.  Living and life giving, the Scriptures are a collection of images, a series of revealing finger prints that tell of the Divine Mystery. But this isn’t the kind of mystery that is to be solved, instead, it’s a mystery that permeates all, revealing and inviting humanity into God’s staggering care for the world.

Open to interpretation, but bound to community, the Bible transcends language and context to become an experience. Tragedy, comedy, fairy tale woven together from past thru present and into future – It’s God’s epic in progress.

These stories are Handled. Handled in the sense that they’ve intentionally been passed down to us through human hands – for better or for worse. But also Handled in the sense that one needs to know how to pick them up in order to be fed and not burned.

In this light, it’s not so much we that read the Scripture, but the Scriptures that read us. Signaling who we are, where we’re from and where we’re headed, it’s these whispers from the Divine Mystery Himself that cut and heal, break and form.

Something’s cooking. Pull up to the stove and see for yourself.

“You Christians look after a document containing enough dynamite to blow all civilization to pieces, turn the world upside down, and bring peace to a battle-torn planet. But you treat it as though it is nothing more than a piece of good literature.” -Gandhi