Forecast: “Rhythms”

Life is a dance: An improvisational, unscripted work of art set to sound and tempo. When Creator and creation are in tune and step the display is magical. Love and hope, pain and grief are key changes taken in stride. All of life harmonizes in a ode to joy.

This is made possible only because art, at its best, is not measured by a score or a judge. Value cannot be attached because calculators don’t go that high. And even if they could, it wouldn’t matter, because that’s not the point.

That said, beware of counterfeit, cheap imitations of true life – cheap knock offs, a million sold, paint by numbers copies. This type of existence is a violent one. Immersed in a cult of speed, productivity, efficiency, gain and growth, insanity is touted as normal…or at the very least, strongly suggested.

Is this really how we were meant to “live”?

This month, we will explore the rhythms of grace, peace and rest. We will share stories of inner lives that run deep and outer lives that spread wide. Together, let’s find our tune and part in the Spirit’s song.

“Above all, remember that the meaning of life is to live it as if it were a work of art. You’re not a machine.” (Abraham Heschel)