Gut Check: Concluding Thoughts


A quick pastoral thought for you as the remains of yesterday’s gathering kick around in your brain and soul over the next few days: We are all in on the ground level of shaping a new community of faith, and in some ways this new adventure puts us at risk. It forces us to be accountable for our convictions and ideas and in turn requires us to be graceful towards others as they too face into the intricacies of their faith.

And if it isn’t obvious yet, you’ve chosen to take a harder route laced with the temptation that says “Forget about this! Why bother? It’d be much safer to hide behind somebody else’s credo, somebody else’s work instead of putting myself out there week after week.”

Your feelings are justifiable, but your participation in this new initiative has already given you away: It exposes the fact that you care too much about your own soul to leave it to someone else to figure out; It screams that you think there’s more to God’s kingdom on earth that what you’ve previously experienced; It eludes to the idea that even though theStory is not perfect, you like what you’re beginning to see…you’re intrigued by what’s possible…and about the part you play in it.

Honestly, does it get any better than this?

Love God, Love Others, Tell His Story,