GUTCHECK: Sunday, June 1 from 9:59-11:11am

theStory isn’t an organization where all the big decisions are only made by a select few behind closed doors, instead, we’re endeavouring to lead in collective community. If you consider yourself a stakeholder, make sure you’re a part of things.

Discussion items will include:

* Downtown: How do we create a permeable membrane between our two communities?
* Lead Team: Three will soon turn into seven – when, why & who.
* The Space: Next steps in getting our name on the deed.
* Sundays: Growing pains…new faces, kids & atmosphere.
* Stewardship: How have we been handling our resources? What’s ahead?
* Other: This is where you fill in the blank.

Questions? Contact Joe at [email protected] or 519.381.6998

Childcare will be provided.