Here Would You Like To Hold Him?


It’s the story of Divine Receivership. For the goody two shoes and the good for nothings, it’s an invite from the Good Lord to come out of hiding that He may might be addressed within us. Inhabiting praises and eternity itself—and now!—He chooses to also cohabitate amongst us. Occupying the womb of a young girl living in occupied territory, He pulls us into His world as He is pushed, between breaths, into ours. Jesus is delivered to deliver.

It’s the story of Divine Mirth. Jesus: the bastard in a barn. Birth announcements in the scriptures have the uncanny ability to overwhelm. They have been met with laughter, unbelief, squabbles over naming rights and fathers gone mute. The announcement of the Christ-child follows suit: Mary sings while Joseph contemplates a merciful and quiet divorce. The plot itself is nearly comical. But laughter here is more than medicine, as Jesus is the cure for the common fold.

It’s the story of Divine Celebration. Salvation is born as we celebrate a little boy’s birthday. His arrival is good news for those who are not used to good news, for He will repurpose more than a manger. The government will soon rest upon his shoulders and he will finally legalize peace. We rejoice in anticipation of the One who has promised to make all things new.

And one day his head will hang, but until then we cradle is neck to keep it steady. Now passed in our direction, the Father asks again:

“Here, would you like to hold Him?”