Holy Sunrise: The Sacrament of the Present Moment

Last Sunday we talked about living in, and not for, the present moment. We discussed being aware of our surroundings, where we find ourselves, and the seed trail of promptings that God leaves before us…leading us to live lives bent on giving him glory while concurrently helping others. We also dabbled in some talk about the role that suffering plays in the life of a disciple of Christ – how it’s part of God’s redemptive intentions and how it causes us to rely on Someone other/greater than ourselves.

This kind of thinking speaks volumes about how we’re telling theStory. Our intention as a church is not to create something that will outlast us, nor are we confused about our relationship with the people and culture we find ourselves in. Simply put, we want to play our part in God’s redemptive plan for today. We exist, primarily, to journey with whomever may be with us at the time. This doesn’t mean that we don’t have hopes or aspirations for the future – we do – but not at the expense of the present. As Jesus said, “Tomorrow’s not your problem…trust me, I’ll take care of it. Instead, figure out how you’re going to live today.”

With that said, here are a few quotes that helped us along…

“In a flat, wiki-world, Reformation is not likely to happen through large movements or charismatic leaders. It’s going to happen as small groups of revolutionaries begin meeting locally to begin plotting together how to change the world with God’s love.” (Mark Clawson)

“The sacrament of the present moment is relevant today for those who find life purposeless in a society abandoned to the fantasies and arrogance of the pursuit of happiness which so quickly becomes a pursuit of pleasure; in which suffering, mental or physical, must be drugged out of existence; in which there is no place for the Cross in Christianity. Those who are ready to believe in God will find comfort and hope in the quest for perfection through surrendering themselves to His swill and discovering in the reality and humiliation of life’s trials and tribulation His loving purpose for them.” (Kitty Muggeridge)

“[For theses], all their duties of the present moment are marked along its course, one by one they will fulfill them unconfused, unhurried. For the rest they will keep themselves entirely free, waiting always to obey the stirrings of grace as soon as they make themselves known, and to surrender themselves to the care of Providence.”
(JP De Caussaude)