Hospitality: Us vs Them?

Today’s gathering and potluck was an enjoyable one. It was thanksgiving so we first talked about what that means to us, if it does and the place of that tradition in each of our lives. We then looked at the story in Luke 7 when the women broke an alabaster box over Jesus’ feet and the way that Simon looked at her and treated her. We talked about how we have created a this and them mentality and that in order for us to be a community of hospitality we need to get rid of that. How do we do that while still keeping our children safe? Does this mean that we only love and care for those in the margins? Or does doing that simply create another margin that we aren’t loving and looking after.

In order to be hospitable we need to stop looking at others and defining them by what they do. We need to realize that we are on the same level, that we are in need of forgiveness just as much as they are. This was something Simon couldn’t comprehend, he couldn’t love as much because he didn’t understand how much he was actually forgiven for. He who is forgiven for little, loves little but he who is forgiven for much, loves much. Two weeks into looking at our second week in hospitality and I think we are starting to come to grips with how God expects us to spend time and simply be with the people around us.