Important Items from the E-Update

1. There are two additions to our December calendar that were not included in the print version:
*Games Night: This Saturday starting at 7:07pm at 179 Christina. Bring a game(s) and snacks. There will be a Wii for the kids.
*Xmas Eve Gathering: 7:07pm-8:08pm. Bring an instrument.

2. theStory Kids Planning Meeting
This Wednesday from 7:07-9:29pm. If you’ve helped with kids stuff in the past or would like to in the future, you’re invited.

3. Clean-Up
Looking for a way to help out? Our space needs some help in the cleaning department. Do you have an hour this week to spare? If so, shoot Nathan an email at [email protected]

4. Door
A big thanks to Don White and Robb Armstrong this week for the donation (Don) and installation of a door between both buildings. The door is up and functional, but will need a coat of paint asap. Can you help? If so, shoot Joe and email at [email protected]

5. Metal Show
If you dare, we’re hosting a metal show tonight. I’m scared. 🙂