Kids Experience Designer

As a local expression of the body of Christ, theStory exists to love God, others and to tell His story. While we believe that the home is where the framework of a child’s faith is primarily shaped and formed we also recognize that not every home possesses such a framework. With this in mind, the role of the Kids Experience Designer has been created to help kids become meaningful participants in the life of the local church and to create opportunities to help tell God’s story to kids & families beyond our church community.

The primary roles of the Kids Experience Designer will include:


*Creative Impetus: cast vision, champion the cause, develop department identity
*Sunday Experience: create and design family centered, age appropriate, weekly experiences telling God’s story through the lens of Scripture (God’s self revelation); Reason (what makes sense); Tradition (church experiences, liturgy and ritual); Experience (how we sense God in everyday life)
*Between Sundays Experience: with a pulse on the needs of downtown kids and families, create & design connection opportunities with the church community
*The Space: create a space that inspires fun, learning and friendship (Note: consideration must be taken that there is potential that the space will become a multi use facility)
*Co-ordinate efforts with the Staff and Lead Team

Measurable Goals: (to be created in conjunction with staff person)


*Develop an organizational framework around:
-Volunteers: recruit, inspire, equip
-Curriculum: blending original and collected materials that are congruent with the
overall direction and yearly teaching themes of theStory
-Relationships: regular connections with volunteers both one on one and in group settings
*Teach: part of the regular rotation
*Backdrop: all efforts filtered through values: Regeneration, Hospitality, Justice, Stewardship
*Connections: healthy relationships with teachers, kids, parents & downtown community
*Lead Team: active participant

Measurable Goals: (to be created in conjunction with staff person)



*Organize: overall department, volunteers, schedules, supplies, space, paperwork
*Yearly Budget: Set and operate within

Measurable Goals: (to be created in conjunction with staff person)



*Passion: kids, God, the local church
*Experience: leading a team, planning and teaching
*Giftings: creativity, strong leadership abilities, pioneering spirit, excellent people skills



Term: 12 months, beginning in August 2008
Remuneration: $5000/yr; bi-weekly pay period
Hours: 6hrs./wk
Mid-year Review: December 2008
Reports Directly To: Lead Pastor


*Depending on the response and qualifications of the individuals who apply, this position could turn into a two person job, dividing both the responsibilities and remuneration
*This employment opportunity will remain open until position is filled
*Send resume to [email protected]