Last Week

This past Sunday we took a ride through the scriptures – ten readings, ten responses – following the story of Jesus through the Old Testament leading up to his arrival on planet earth in the New Testament.

Of note, in response to Luke 1:26-35 where we see Mary first given the news that she is to bear Christ in this world, we took the opportunity as a community to write prayers about bearing Christ in our own lives and culture. They went something like this…

“…Lord what would you have me do to make a difference in my city? In my neighbourhood? In the people in my life? Help me reflect your image and tell your story…”

“…I pray that my life will bear the mark of Christ by living to give instead of receiving…”

“…Lord help me love others unconditionally and not judge. Through me, I pray that others will see you…”

“…use me…”

“…through your mercy, extend your love, until you make all things new, a world without end…”

“…help me to grow silent and truly listen…”

“…may those who see me, see you…”

Here is the video that Darryl put together to express “the fall”