Lead Team Job Description

Lead Team
Phase 2: 2008-2010

As a local expression of the body of Christ, theStory exists to love God, others and to tell His story. Since its inception in 2006 it has functioned under the leadership of a Lead Team of three, but as the community has grown and evolved, a new platform of leadership is now required. Thus, in order to effectively fulfill the mandate of this new phase, a hand picked Lead Team will be selected to guide and govern the community as both elders and deacons.


The function of an elder is to keep the church on course, both Biblically and in accordance with its vision and values. Key responsibilities will include:

*Discernment in all matters pertaining to the mission of theStory
*Establishing consensus in terms of church belief/Biblical interpretation
*Addressing people needs and protecting the ecology of the community through prayer, pastoral care and spiritual direction

The function of a deacon is to manage the overall operations of the church. Key responsibilities will include oversight and accountability in the following areas:

*Financial: setting and holding to the yearly budget
*Staff: to support, empower and keep accountable
*Building: attending to upkeep and improvements

Phase 2: Stabilize//Cultivate//Forecast

*Focusing on the internal aspects of the church community, the Lead Team will create and implement structures that will aid in creating a healthy, sustainable model

*Focusing on those outside of Biblical community, the Lead Team will help establish the underpinnings of a permeable membrane that will serve both our downtown community and those with whom we are in relationship

*Focusing on the future, the Lead Team will aid in charting the course and setting up the necessary framework for Phase 3: 2010-2012

Requirements & Standards

*Exemplary commitment to live out the mission, vision and values of theStory, to invest generously into the community, and to encourage others to do the same
*Comprised of both male and female members, the Lead Team must be committed to the criteria of church leadership as described in, but not limited to, 1 Timothy 3:1-10, Titus 1:5-9, and 1 Peter 5:1-4.
*Accountable to the Lead Team, Lead Pastor and the Free Methodist Church of Canada
*1 year commitment; option of a second consecutive year