Membership In Each Other

The world is ripe for a change of scenery. Not a weekend get-away or week long bender, but more of a permanent hiatus. A lock the door and throw away the key scenario where none of us go back to the way we once were. And when the separation anxiety kicks in, the pining for the old life stirs us and keeps us from sleep, we remind ourselves why we left in the first place. And when angst persists—because it will—we look to each other and tell the story of our emancipation one more time:

A new world of unending first starts. A new hope. A new day, everyday.

It’s the witness relocation program that requires us to stay put and set up a new life where the old one used to be. We retrofit wholeness into brokenness. We chase the dark out of every relationship. Deep and wide we speak Love’s Name in preparation for His great renewal.

From January until April we’ll be investing ourselves in a letter written to the church in Ephesus. In a way, it’s an internal document intended to unpack for its readers God’s design for a new life. In another way, it’s a pact to live out the new life together with one another.

“The created order manifests a built-in tendency by which all things seek to become one through membership in each other.” (Robert Capon)