More Than A Job: The Vocation of Being Human

In a world of chaos, even when we wander in a desert and suffer affliction, we can still understand a purpose, still see the work that God has designed us for.

Mankind wrestles with questions of purpose and continually asks, Why?

Why ask why?

Asking Why and seeking to understand is a healthy part of being human and helps to keep us aligned with God’s purposes.

When we understand the role and purpose of humanity collectively, it gives us a vision and a place to find our own unique and individual roles and to move together.

Genesis 1 casts humanity in a role of Royalty, in the image of God, with dominion over the earth and what is upon the earth.

Genesis 2 augments this with Priesthood as humanity is the mediator of creation to Creator, tending it and naming creation.

Humanity is the point of contact for Creator and Creation. As God-Centered beings, embracing our spiritual and physical natures as one whole, humanity represents God and rules on His behalf.

This role is not autonomous. We hold a delegate Kingship. This speaks more to responsibility than ultimate freedom.

God owns the Garden, we care for it.

We maintain a kinship and commonality with creation. Human beings do not even get their own creation day. God sets man looking for friendship within creation.

Our role is set BEFORE the Fall.

Even when Creation is Good, we are to be rulers and subduing.
Part of our calling as image bearers is working in tandem with God in the ruling and subduing.
If God were to step into every moment, He’d deny us the opportunity to carry His image, to represent Him to creation.