Now & Not Yet

In some ways it’s hard to believe a full year has come and gone. Reflective, a year removed from some of our original thoughts, ideas and experiences with theStory the obvious question presents itself: “Are we becoming who we set out to be?”

I chronicled some of my first observations way back on April 18, 2006 (our second general meeting at Lambton College) and September 11, 2006 (two days after our first official Sunday) . With this in the back of my mind as we celebrated our 1st birthday this past Sunday, the aforementioned question was posed to our community. Framed by the categories of Now and Not Yet, we hung two strings from the ceiling and allowed people to clip their reflections and hopes for theStory for all to see and to also give them the opportunity to explain their sentiments.

The ‘Now’ string represented an aspect of theStory that people were excited about, thankful for or had personally impacted them. From this thread hung words like: welcoming, freedom, love, journey, mutability, dialogue, friendship & grace. The ‘Not Yet’ string represented the evolution of theStory, where people sensed the focus of next 12 month could (or should) lead. Words like ownership, empowering, kids & creativity hung before us as both challenge and aspiration.

All that said, over the next 12 months, may theStory continue to establish itself as a healthy community that points the way to Jesus. Through our lives, may the Grand Narrative be told, and may others discover their inclusion in its tale.

“If there is no point in the story as a whole, there is no point in my own action. If the story is meaningless, any action of mine is meaningless…so the answer to the question ‘Who am I?’ can only be given if we ask ‘What is my story?’ and that can only be answered if there is an answer to the further question, ‘What is the whole story of which my story is a part?'” (Leslie Newbigin)