OCTOBER 2010 FORECAST: Look Beneath the Floor Boards: explorations in freeing imaginations & rewiring memories

 The underpinnings of every society and culture eventually make themselves known through the imaginations and memories of its people. As we enter a two month series in the book of Colossians, we’ll begin to see the connections between desires and outcomes, and the repeat of the past in the present.

On our shift as a local church, Brian Walsh & Sylvia Keesmat in their book ‘Colossians Remixed’, set the pace for the subverting work of the Kingdom:

 “In a culture of captured imaginations, we need a Christian imagination in the arts and in neigbourhood activism that will set the captives free, especially when they have become comfortable in captivity. In a culture of ubiquitous graven images and rampant consumerist idolatry, we need Christian practices in business, environmental protection and politics that will topple the idols and energize an alternative economics of God’s kingdom. In a culture of disconnection, we need Christian scholarship in the academy and psychological practices in the community that see things whole, cohering Christ. In a culture of power as truth, we need servant communities ministering to the most vulnerable to demonstrate that truth is on a cross,. In a culture of radical uncertainty, we need preaching and liturgy that build the body of Christ, where truth takes on flesh.” (pg 89)