[Re]Framing the Story

This past Sunday we focused our thoughts on how it is we’re telling God’s story.

We looked back on historical images of how the church in centuries past have told the story. Often times, they told the tale by facing into the issues of their day, confronting the hard questions and it appears that they were even working out their theology out loud.

From the Second Century:


From the 13th Century:


We also took a look at how the story is being told in some circles today. The images were met with mixed reviews…for some the intent of the artists were seen as pure, for others it made them feel ‘cheap’.



For us, as we tell God’s story, the question remains, how will we re-frame it for our context? How do we remain true to the scriptures and still face into the hard questions of our time?

“The methods that make the kingdom of North America strong economic, military, technological, informational are not suited to making the kingdom of God strong. I have had to learn a new methodology: truth-telling and love-making, prayer and parable. These are not methods very well adapted to raising the standard of living in suburbia or massaging the ego into a fashionable shape.
But [Sarnia] and suburbia and the ego compose [our] parish…”
(S. Horton)