Relaunching the .ca

We have relaunched but you’ll notice it is slightly different than before.

A work in progress, is to be used as a tool to help connect people and live out our values. For example through the new calendar, you’ll be able to check the potluck schedule, the kids teaching schedule as well as the ability to see what is going on in the community all week long.

We’ve also improved some of our old features…

*Much of static info on this site has been removed. Why? Not only does it make the site easier to navigate, but it reduces the tendency of being pinned down or categorized by flat, emotionless text on a computer screen. If someone wants to truly know what theStory is all about, they’ll have to be in contact with the community, whether one on one or on Sundays.

*The monthly short film box will also feature up to date Vodcasts (as it presently is) by members of the community (like you?!) sharing thoughts and perspectives that connect with our monthly themes.

*Right here in this blogspot will be the opportunity to further interact with weekly/monthly teachings and themes through reading and response.

*Click the ATIC button at the top of the screen to see an old school church initiative that we’re about to re-introduce.

Our hope is that the new incarnation of the site empowers our cause. If you have any other ideas, don’t hesitate to share them!

Darryl, Nathan, Joe