Social Justice Pastor JD

Social Justice Pastor

As a local expression of the body of Christ, theStory exists to love God, others and to tell His story. With the understanding that the local church must become an integral part of the fabric of its neighbourhood and intentionally be part of God’s redemptive work, the position of the SJP has been created to help cultivate and develop this focus for theStory in downtown Sarnia.

The primary roles of the SJP will include:


*Creative Impetus: cast vision, champion the cause
*Community Pulse: connect with local agencies, schools and city to further understand/identify downtown Sarnia’s challenges and needs
*Volunteers: develop and empower volunteer base
*Co-ordinate efforts with the Staff and Lead Team
*Lead Team: active participant

Measurable Goals:
*keeping church community informed aware, bringing to forefront what is happening in our city, and how we can be part of what God’s up to
*laying the ground work for volunteers, making connections with local relief organizations
*create needs assessment (due December 2008)

*Create Connections: downtown kids, families and urban poor
*Become the Face: point person for meeting needs both within the church community and beyond; become a recognized point person in the downtown area
*Kids: work in conjunction with the KED to help develop the internal kids/family department of theStory

Measurable Goals:
*Connect with Hanna Memorial School, Lochiel Kiwanis Center, Ontario Early Years Center, City Hall
*meet one person for coffee once a week
*support KED
*create bridging opportunities for those outside our church community to our church community

*Imagine, design and implement one major initiative for theStory to serve Sarnia’s downtown area

Measurable Goals:
*Research completed by December 2008
*Implementation by February/March 2009


*Passion: God, kids, urban poor, the local church
*Experience: leading a team, planning, social aid background
*Giftings: creativity, strong leadership abilities, pioneering spirit, excellent people skills

Term: 12 months, beginning in September 2008
Remuneration: $5200/yr; bi-weekly pay period
Hours: 6hrs./wk
Mid-year Review: December 2008
Reports Directly To: Lead Pastor