subPlot – Ron Smith

This we we talked to Ron about his story. If you know anything about Ron, you know its quite a story. Growing up in England and then moving over to Canada his story has tons of ups and downs. In fact in a lot of ways you could say that his story represents yet another one of us (or all of us) that are broken and out of order from the way that our lives should be. Follow his story deep enough and you will see some pretty broken moments that were inflicted on him and that were inflicted on others by him, just like all of our own stories. So in some ways his story is a perfect ending for a month where we talk about the way that our humanity is out of order and not the way God intended it.

Next month we are talking about God’s relentless goal to put things back into order and bring his order back into his creation. So Ron’s story is a perfect starter for next month also. We’ve all been watching Ron over the last number of years and his life amazes us. He’s someone that we all look up to now and want to learn from in all sorts of ways. He’s a beautiful example of God’s order putting back the way it was supposed to be. God is slowly trying to put us all back into order, because we are all so horribly broken and out of order that we never function the way we are supposed to. So as we go into Decemeber let us remember that we are all out of order and in need to be constantly put back under the order of God on a daily basis. You can watch Ron’s video below.