Summer 2011 Forecast: Pirate Radio

   Unlicensed and unsanctioned, illegal transmissions fuel the fires of change. From the dimly lit basement studio, to the corner soapbox, to the tsunami of social media, truth will always find its audience. Crisscrossing beyond physical and personal boundaries, the signals of revolution and responsibility outlive their original audience as they continue to bounce between the radio towers of our souls. As fresh as the daily news, even the earliest accounts are as good as new because the Message has no expiry date.

Some of the first to brave this frequency were the Bible’s Minor Prophets -The Original Pirate Radio. Dubbed ‘minor’ only because of the brevity of their broadcasts, their dispatches were anything but ‘minor.’  When it became legal to be evil, they became the voice of freedom fighters. When destructive trends began to reproduce themselves, they became futurists, announcing predictions based on their observances. At times, by default, they became the lone tie between a past rich with God-filled interaction and a present where things had become unobtrusively quiet.

Popping up in settings both rural and metropolitan between the 9-5th centuries BC, the greatest commonality between these truth tellers was that it was never about them as individuals. Instead, it always about the Message they carried.

This summer, we will make our way through these original Pirate Radio transmissions. Here messengers will give way to the Message, negotiating the God connections between past, present and future. By eavesdropping on their communiqués, we will endeavor to make the same connections, allowing their same Message to be broadcast from our lives.

“In this era where DJs behave

Be paid to be slaves

We raid airwaves to be sane…”

(Zach de la Rocha, One Day As A Lion)