The Campaign for Real Humanity Forecast

As is customary for our community, each September we take the time to collect ourselves as we venture into a new season. This month we return to the values by which we govern our participation in God’s mission:


Rooted: That God’s story (the alternative story to the empire that we find ourselves in) takes root in us and we in turn root wherever we find ourselves.


Tabled: That we are assured a place at God’s table and in turn our hope is to be referred to as Jesus was, ‘drinking and eating, a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners’.


Risked: That by embracing a holy insecurity, betting it all on God, fear is neutralized and in turn we become our true selves.


Captured in these words is the mantra of our church. The local church, as the scriptures describe it, is the campaign for real humanity – a precursor to the full Kingdom reign of God, the hope of the world.


We get to do this.


What could be better?


“The church is a covenanting people. It consists of those whom the Spirit has called out of the world, through the gospel proclamation, to walk together as God’s people. This covenanting people, however, are not an end in themselves. Rather, the church as a people-in-covenant is related to God’s larger intention.” (Stanley Grenz)