The Way She Whispers – September 14, 2008

We live in the crossfire of competing voices, some telling us how to live, what we need to be us and still others questioning whether we have any true value. Some of these voices are external, it’s culture that screams at us from the moment we step out the front door each morning. Other times, the voices we hear are internal, and we often find ourselves powerless in shutting them off.

But what if there was another voice? A voice that deliberately calls out softer than all the rest? A voice that calls us to be who we’ve been created to be? A voice that calls us to healing, redemption and purpose? This voice, is the voice of the church. As Christ speaks thru her, we hear the call to get up and follow. And in turn, as we come together as the church, with our voices in unison, part of our mandate is to speak into the darkest corners of our culture, calling all – even the least likely as Jesus called Levi in Mark 2 – to get up and follow.

For the love of Sarnia, for the sake of the Levi’s and for the protection of our own souls, may we follow Jesus wherever and to whomever he leads, calling all to get up and follow.

“‘It isn’t the healthy that need a doctor, but the sick.’ What sort to things might the church be doing if we needed to explain them with an aphorism like that? If we aren’t doing anything that needs that sort of explanation, then we need to ask ourselves whether we are in fact presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ to today’s world. We must be ready to challenge society in Jesus’ name. Jesus himself, after all, challenged his own society by overturning its expectations, and celebrating the kingdom of God with, as it seemed, all the wrong people.” (NT Wright)

“Dreams, by definition, are supposed to be unique and imaginative. Yet the bulk of the population is dreaming the same dream. It’s a dream of wealth, power, fame, plenty of sex and exciting recreational opportunities. What does it mean when a whole culture dreams the same dreams?” (Kalle Lasn)

“I go to Bloomingdales, to the fourth floor, and I buy 2000 of the black bras, 2000 of the beige, 2000 of the white. And I ship them around between the homes and the boat and that’s the end of it for maybe half a year when I have to do it all over again.” (Ivana Trump)