Sunday, March 4, 2007 @ 11:11am – “Like Father, Like Son”

This week we begin our new series, Empty is Full, where we’ll be exploring the Biblical idea that only when we are emptied are we truly fulfilled. Invite someone into the mix this month.

Read: John 5

Think: In this week’s text we find the beginning of a thread that is woven through our next four reading. Jesus spins his yarn and essentially says this: “Empty is the new full”. Funny enough, this thought is in direct contrast to what appears the to be the unspoken idiom of our age: “Full is the new empty”. ‘Fill ‘er up!’ we say, while Jesus responds, ‘Let it go…’

Live: “Jesus’ disciples had to be taught how to see. The disciples saw the clean robe of Jairus; Jesus saw the stained garment of a bleeding woman. The disciples saw a prostitute groveling at Jesus’ feet; Jesus saw a servant preparing his body for burial. The disciples saw a threatening alien force teaching in Jesus’ name; Jesus saw more partners for the harvest. Jesus saw a woman giving two coins, illustrating the mysterious generosity of Kingdom economics; the disciples would not have seen anything at all if Jesus had not pointed her out.” (Andrew Jones)

Pray: Father help me to hold loosely the treasures of this world. Help me to see others from your vantage point. May my life be about You, and not about me.


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