Sunday, April 1st @ 11:11am – “Light is About Dark”

We’ll be walking through a new series this month entitled “This is About That” where we’ll continue to see how Jesus uses paradoxical language, loaded with meaning, to reveal to his listeners the subversive nature of his kingdom.

Read: John 9 & Mark 11

Think: Backwards. Makes no sense. Out of left field…sounds like Jesus. Spouting his counter cultural truths, Jesus made his first listeners think twice about how they existed in and perceived the world around them. In turn, we are confronted with the same reality: Go with the flow, or swim upstream with Jesus.

This Sunday is also Palm Sunday, so keep that that frame work in mind as you engage this week’s text.

Pray: Father, make me sensitive to my surroundings, and may I interact with my world in a way that exemplifies your image in me.

Live: “We are not alone, we feel an unseen love
We are sons and heirs of grace
We are children of a light that never dims
A love that never dies, keep your chin up child
And wipe the tears from your eyes
Stand ready and tall, reflect the light”
(Thrice, Vehissue)


*Prayer: 7-8pm, this Thursday at 586 Highbury Park.

*Good Friday: We will be meeting from 11:11am-12:12pm on the April 6. Be there. Bring a friend.