This Week

Sunday, October 22 @ 11:30am – “Evangelism Re-Imagined”

Read: 1 Peter 4

Think: We’re very intentional about being safe. Especially for parents, one always tries to think 2 or 3 steps ahead of a child to see what they could get into to avoid any potential danger. But what if as Christians, we were intentional about placing ourselves in ‘dangerous’ places? Places so far from our comfort zones that we’d totally have to depend on God and our church communities to exist? Further still, what would evangelism look, taste and smell like in these dangerous places?

Pray: Ask God for the opportunity to implicate ourselves and the gospel in the ‘real stuff of life’. That our primary concern wouldn’t be safety, but instead living and telling the story of Jesus.

Live: “In an era when many of us feel that time is our scarcest resource, hospitality falters. … ‘In a fast-food culture,’ a wise Benedictine monk observes, ‘you have to remind yourself that some things cannot be done quickly. Hospitality takes time.'”
Dorothy C. Bass, Receiving the Day


*Next Sunday, October 29, 2006 we’ll be meeting at the Annex (234 Maxwell Street) at 11:11am. We’ll have a little more space to breath, so you’re welcome to invite a friend if the opportunity presents itself. We’ll still be having a potluck lunch, so remember to bring that good stuff that you always bring!

*To support theStory financially, the offering tin will be on the piano as it is every week. If you’d like to write a cheque, make it out to “New Horizons Community Church” with “theStory” marked in the memo box. All giving is tax receitable and offering envelopes are provided. For those who are interested in direct debit, we need a minimum 15 people to set up the program. If you’re interested, talk to Joe.