This Week

Sunday, November 5, 2006 – “Who’s Shaping Who?”

This month we’ll be exploring the value of Justice. The new short film is up on the site as is the monthly calendar and readings. Check it all out.

Read: John 17

Think: In an age mesmerized by mass production, carbon copies, knock-offs and fakes, anything that stands outside of the norm is either shunned or stirs up fear. But what if these roles were reversed? What if, in turn, we were afraid of the mindless norm and the oppression of homogeneity? What if ideas like change, help, and redemption didn’t need celebrities to bring them into vogue? Could we remember to truly live these ideals without having to be reminded?

Pray: Ask God to be able to see others and our world as He does.

Live: “Christian social ethics should not begin with attempts to develop strategies to make the world more ‘just,’ but with the formation of a society shaped and informed by the truthful character of God we find revealed in the stories of Israel and Jesus. (Stanley Hauwerwas, Community of Character)


*Barry and Natalie welcomed Parker Nixon Mielke to the world on November 1. Congratulations! We’ve arranged meals until Monday to help them out during this busy time and are looking for a few more to get them through next week. Can you help? If so, email Nathan at [email protected]