This Week

Sunday, January 7, 2007 @11:11am – “Neighbours”

Sunday we begin meeting regularly at The Annex (234 Maxwell St.) at 11:11am with the potluck (bring food!) following our time of worship. Our new chapter begins…

Read: John 1:1-18

Think: There is a Jewish saying that goes something like this: “God created humankind because He loves stories.” And I suppose if we take that thought a step further, He loves the real life characters in these stories so much that He, as one author has put it, “has entered the tale. The author stepped onto the page. The poet whose very words had written the cosmos became part of the text of this world.” Further still, this intersection of humanity and the divine is now a permanent fixture as the Word once again becomes flesh as we live, embody and tell The Story. How amazing is that?

Pray: Father, may my life tell your story and reflect your image. May you increase, may I decrease – For your glory and for the benefit of others.

Live: “Jesus wants his followers to bring heaven, not hell, to earth. This has been God’s intention for people since the beginning. Jesus is not teaching anything new for his day. God walked in the garden, looking for Adam and Eve. God told the Israelites to build a tabernacle so he could live in their midst. King Solomon built a temple, God’s house, so God could live permanently among his people. And when Jesus comes, he’s referred to as God “taking on flesh and dwelling among us” or “The word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighbourhood.”


*Monthly Prayer Meeting: January 31 at 586 Highbury Park from 7-8pm. We’ll be praying for personal and community needs.

*Volunteer Positions: theStory needs your help in the following areas – Food, Kids, Counting. Talk to Joe and play your part.

*To support theStory financially, the offering tin will be on the counter near the front door. If you’d like to write a cheque, make it out to “New Horizons Community Church” with “theStory” marked in the memo box. All giving is tax receiptable and offering envelopes are provided. For those who are interested in direct debit, we need a minimum 15 people to set up the program. If you’re interested, talk to Joe.