Weekly Update

Sunday, September 17, 2006 @ 11:30am – “What’s Ahead: Reflection & Redemption”

Once again, we’ll be meeting at 586 Highbury Park over a potluck lunch so bring an appetizer, salad or dessert. This week’s main course will be beef/chicken burritos.

Hebrews 1&2 and this interview with Dallas Willard and Dieter Zander.

THINK: Sickness and health: there’s a big difference. With humans, the symptoms are often visible – a cough, a limp, a wince a scar. However, can the same be said for the church? What are the signs of a healthy church? What are the conditions of a sick one?

PRAY: Ask God that theStory, and the greater church of Sarnia, be healthy and truly function according to His intentions and directives.

LIVE: “We don’t accomplish anything in this world alone … and whatever happens is the result of the whole tapestry of one’s life and all the weavings of individual threads from one to another that creates something. Behind 10,000 events stands God, the builder of history, the maker of the ages. Eternity bounds the one side, eternity bounds the other side, and time is in between—Genesis-origins, ‘Revelation-endings, and all the way between God is working things out. You can go down into the minutest detail everywhere and see that there is one great purpose moving through the ages, the eternal design of the almighty God to redeem a wrecked and ruined world. The Bible is one book, one history, one story, His story.” (Anonymous)


*For those who may have had questions around the Creed that we recited last week, specifically with the use of the word ‘catholic’ church, check here and here for more info and as a starting point for further study.

*For those who asked, the Eugene Peterson article that was referred to last week can still be found here.

*To support theStory financially, the offering tin will be on the piano as it was last week. If you’d like to write a cheque, make it out to “New Horizons Community Church” with “theStory” marked in the memo box. All giving is tax receitable and offering envelopes are provided. For those who are interested in direct debit, we need a minimum 15 people to set up the program. If you’re interested, talk to Joe.

Kids are significant members of our community and are more than welcome at each of our gatherings. At this point in time childcare will be provided on Sundays, and as we gather our bearings, we’ll be putting together a framework that will not only include them as community members, but also provide a safe space for them to learn and grow in ways that are appropriate for their age.