Who’s Shaping Who?

This past week we landed in John 17 where Jesus offers a prayer on behalf of believers to his Father. In addition, we looked at Eugene Peterson’s idea of the Replacement Trinity (Needs/Wants/Feelings) in contrast to a sound understanding and allegiance to the Holy Trinity. This was our starting point to a healthy mindset from which we approach the idea, and our value, of Justice. From there we talked about dying to ourselves and being change agents in our culture, working alongside with God for the redemption of our city and our world.

Here are some notable quotes we used in our discussion:

“Dreams, by definition, are supposed to be unique and imaginative. Yet the bulk of the population is dreaming the same dream. It’s a dream of wealth, power, fame, plenty of sex and exciting recreational opportunities. What does it mean when a whole culture dreams the same dreams?” (Kalle Lasn – Culture Jam)

“Who am I? I am the one who is liked, praised, admired, disliked, hated, or despised. Whether I am a pianist, a businessman, or a minister, what matters is how I am perceived by my world. If being busy is a good thing, then I must be busy. If having money is a sign of real freedom, then I must claim my money. If knowing people proves my importance, I will have to make the necessary contacts. The compulsion manifests itself in the lurking fear of failing and the steady urge to prevent this by gathering more of the same – more work, more money, more friends.”(Henri Nouwen – The Way of the Heart)

“The stories in the Torah tell not only of what happened long ago but also of what happens in each generation. The stories happen over and over again in the life of each person. They are true, not because they happened, but because they happen. The Garden of Eden is our world, and we are Adam and Eve. When God says, “Take care of the garden and protect it,” God says to us, “Take care of your world and protect it.”
(Rabbi Lawrence Kushner – Jewish Spirituality)